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Entering the System as a Provider

All providers in the PAEMS System must go through the process of system entry before providing emergency medical care with any member agency. To start the system entry process please select the appropriate form(s) below and follow the instructions on the form. Once your form(s) and required documentation are processed; you and your member agency will receive a letter allowing you to function in the PAEMS System. You may not function until you receive the letter. For questions about system entry please contact Scott Swank (309) 655-2113 or email (scott.swank@osfhealthcare.org). For test scheduleing please contact Dale Tippett - PAEMS Education Coordinator 309-624-3101 or email (edward.d.tippett@osfhealthcare.org).


=Images= | pdf-icon.gif PAEMS System Entry / Agency Enrollment Form
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif IDPH Request For Reciprocity Form
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif IDPH Administrative Code Section 515.610 EMT Reciprocity











Thank you for your interest in the PAEMS System!