Preformed Lecture Series (PLS) presentations available at this site are designed for download by Peoria Area EMS System agencies whose training application has been approved by the Illinois Department of Public Health for utilization during continuing education sessions.

PLS Kits

The files below are compressed (.zip) files containing all of the necessary files for each topic.

PLS Adult Respiratory Emergencies

PLS Anaphylaxis

PLS Basic Medications & King Airways BLS - ALS

PLS Bleeding & Shock

PLS Bloodborne & Airborne Pathogens

PLS Cardiovascular Emergencies

PLS Documentation

PLS Head & Spine Injuries

PLS OB-GYN Emergencies

PLS Patient Assessment

PLS Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies

PLS Seizures

PLS Ambulance Operations

PLS Hazardous Materials

PLS Diabetic Emergencies

PLS Respiratory Overview

PLS Stroke Emergencies

PLS Hypothermic Emergencies

PLS Heat Related Emergencies

PLS GI & Abdominal Emergencies

PLS Soft Tissue Injuries