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Prehospital Care Manuals

=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Adult Protocol Manual - Revised 07-02-2018
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Pediatric Protocol Manual - Revised 07-11-2016
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Disaster Protocol Manual - Revised 01-01-2016
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Critical Care Protocols
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif High Performance CPR
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Induced Hypothermia Protocol
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Capnography Procedure
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Obstetrical Emergency Protocol
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Child Abuse and Neglect Policy & Procedure Guidelines/Toolkit
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Written Confirmation of Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Report                                    
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Uniform Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Advance Directive
=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Uniform Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR) Advance Directive Guidance for Individuals

Prehospital Care Manual Updates


Manual Procedure - Protocol

Region 2 EMS Systems Policies

=Images= | pdf-icon.gif Preparedness to a System-Wide Crisis